Thursday, February 3, 2011

more waiting lol

I haven't posted in a couple of weeks....but really, cause there had been nothing to post! lol

Last week, Miles and I had our blood work done, which I might add was HILARIOUS!!! I had 7 vials of blood taken from me...Miles 3, and he totally got nauseous and they put cold compresses on his neck and forehead and he had to lay down...I was LAUGHING MY ASS OFF!!! We had our friend there with us and we were just in giggles the whole time. Miles said that I had a day to laugh at him and crack jokes before he got irritated lol. It was quite funny.7 vials to his 3 and I was fine. I know, its mean to laugh...I have had way more blood taken from me then he has. lol Still...pretty frickin funny!!!

A and D had their appointment with PNW Fertility in Seattle and came back with lots of information regarding the egg donation process. Once the clinic here gives the final go ahead (ie: my test results and screening are done and PNW has it) then A and D will get their donor list and they can select their egg donor. Next week I have my hysteroscopy and then meeting up with A for brunch which is great! I really enjoy hanging out with her.  Hopefully we will get some other things discussed and plan the whole lawyer thing.
On Feb 25, Miles and I have a counselling know...make sure Im not some crazy bitch whos going to steal their baby lol and that Im mentally ready to do this...A and D go on the 28th for theirs and then the counselor will do up her report and get that to the Dr.

Then on March 10 Miles and I have our orientation and consultation at the clinic with the Dr and the surrogacy nurse where (hopefully) we will get a little more insight into things. It seems like we get all this info, and its still clear as mud lol but its definetly feeling like its happening.
PNWF said that I will need to do injections....which sucks...but I always figured I would have to do that and just had that glimmer of hope that I didnt have to. Oh well...good thing Im fine with needles!!!

So Ive been going to the gym and eatting pretty healthy (some days are better then others lol) but Im still not losing any weight. I know it has to do with my metabolism and its really irritating, but nothing new. So, what Im doing is doing a 30 day Isagenix cleanse to kick start things. I think once I kick start it, the weight will start to come off as thats pretty much what happened when I had my first kid. I had gained 60lbs and couldnt take it off for the life of me...but after a year of being overweight, I took somthing to help my metabolism and the weight started to fall off...then even when I wasnt taking anything or doing much to lose the weight, it just kept coming off so...Im hoping that with this 30 day cleanse, Ill lose some weight, increase my metabolism and it will give me the kick start I need. I dont want to be discouraged.

I cant even put into words how happy I am right now!!! Seriously. People keep saying "your so amazing for doing this"  and "what a great gift" and stuff...but in a way, its hard to hear. Not that I dont appreciate it, because I do, but Im not doing it for the praise and recognition. Im doing it because I want to! Because I have the ability to and because I know I can do it!!! What Im doing may be a gift to them, but really, its also a gift to me!!! I feel kind of selfish actually because they are not the only ones getting something out of it...I am to!!! I feel so blessed to be able to do it. So honored that I was "the chosen one" lol It really is a gift to me too!!!

Thanks A and D!!! Again....I so appreciate you allowing me this privilege of carrying your baby!!! I cant wait to get this journey really going!!! I look forward to getting to know you more and am just super excited!!! YAY!!!!

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