Friday, February 11, 2011

Moving along...slowly!

So on tuesday I had my hysteroscopy! It went pretty well! I took the train in from MR to Van at 6am (way earlier then I even THINK of getting up lol) for my 8am appointment. I forgot to take the 2 advil as requested before hand so was a little nervous but the nurse, Jeannie, quickly put me at ease. She took me to a curtained off area with this big fat lazy boy with masager in it lol and lead me into the washroom where I could undress from the waist down and put on a wrap around gown. After that, I was lead into the procedure room and onto the table with the stirrups...and not the ones in the drs office that you just rest your feet in but the ones you put your legs in. She took a great deal of time, trying to make sure I was comfortable (I think I was being pampered a bit too much lol). She explained the procedure...that the dr would put in a speculum slightly larger then the one used for a pap...then I would feel a pinch when she puts the clip in to hold my cervix open.She said I would feel some cramping, a little worse then menstral cramps and said we were going to breath through it together and proceeded to show me how to breathe lol I informed her that Ive had three natural child births...Im a pro at breathing and she was suprised, not realising I was there for a surrogacy lol. She said "And your going for a 4th!?" so I informed her of what I was doing.  Soon after, the dr came in and here I was , in stirups spread eagle lol and shes like "Hi Darshan...we havent met yet..Im Dr Taylor" to which I responded "Hi! Your going to get to know me really well today!" lol (Im like Chandler from friends...use humour in uncomfortable situations lol)
And the procedure began! She put the speculum in, which was the most uncomforatble part of it really. I barely felt anything, but saw so much! After the camera was inserted, I could see the inside of my uterus and I personally thought it was totally cool!!! She showed me where the falopian tube entrance was just too cool. And then it was over. Very quick! No pain, no cramps. Totally fine. And everything looked great. She said I have a great uterus!! YAY!!!

After my appointment, A picked me up and we went to Quince for an early lunch/late breafkast. Im on a cleanse so Im trying not to eat anything thats not healthy. But I ended up having the most delicious coissant Ive ever had in my life...with scrammbled eggs and proscutto and some kind of cheese on good. We had a great chat over breakfast and tea. Im so glad we found each other. I really enjoy our time together. I had looked up the website of the clinic in Seattle and its near Pike Place I told her we are so spending some time there lol And my mom might come which will be cool. I dont know if Miles wants to come but if he doesnt care, then mom will probably come with. After, she took me downtown as I was to meet up with my mom and take the skytrain back with her when she was off. It was a long tireing day, but its like the real start of things.So...end of the month, counselling appointments. Then March 10, orientation and stuff. Ill keep you all posted!!!

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