Saturday, February 26, 2011

Apparently Im sane lol

Miles and I had our counselling appointment yesterday.... apparently we are both sane hahaha. Although, I still think this is debatable! lol We talked with the therapist about many different things...she specifically asked Miles if he thought it would be really hard on me to give up the baby. We talked about "what ifs" and how I felt about termination and stuff and relayed the whole story on how we met A and D. She was super nice.

After our appointment, we met up with A for lunch at the Noodle Box as per a friends recommendation. Damn was it good! lol The three of us had good conversation as we always do (I feel really at ease talking with her). And she was telling us how they were sent the donor profiles!!! They will go over them over the weekend, and call the clinic in the states on Monday with their list narrowed down...and hopefully decide from there. I was super stoked when she said that, because it really means, that we are merely a few weeks away before the transfer. How exciting is THAT!!?!??!

On a side note...Im starting to wonder if anyone is actually reading this lol If you are, feel free to comment! lol Just not negative nancys please!!! Im pretty open so if you have a question, ask away and if I can and am comfortable doing so....I will!!!


Heather said...

I'm reading...catching up actually! This is so awesome! :D

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