Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I feel so frusterated!!!!

So, because we are using an American fertility clinic for the eggs, I need to do their testing which means that I had to take an additional thyroid test. And while Im glad that Ive found out now that I aparently have a thyroid issue, as it means I can get on meds to help it, Im worried that it will set us back.

I found out today (because we have this thing called ehealth that allows you to check your lab results online) that my thyroid peroxidase is sky high. With a preferred ranged of under 35....mine was 395!!! From what Im reading through my research on it on the internet (oh...the joys of internet...causing hysteria in hypochondriacs since 1992), it seems like I likely have hypothyroidism which shouldnt be a big deal and can be treated with a pill a day (probably for the rest of my life). My worry is that it will affect when the transfer will occur. I keep thinking, things are going so smoothly right now...theres gotta be a blip. Well, here it is.

Maybe I shouldnt worry...I dont know. Im not suprised I could have a thyroid issue. It runs in families and I know I have relatives with hypothyroid. But its just too bad I didnt know before so I could already be on track and my levels good so we could proceed without this roadblock, but alas, its not the case. Argh!!!!!!!

I will be talking to the clinic in Seattle tomorrow morning for my telephone interview with them since I havent had that yet and hopefully, Ill have some clarity on where to go next. But all I can say is right now, Im discouraged. ARGH!!!!!!! 

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