Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Life stinks sometimes stinks. Life sucks big butt!!! Im not quite sure how much is supposed to happen in one week but Im pretty I and the people around me have had enough.
First off a close friend of mine was pregnant with twins and lost those babies at 25 weeks in a car accident. All I can say, is please, sit as far back from the air bag at all times, but especially when pregnant!!! No sooner does she get home from that ordeal, then she finds out that her friend was found dead that morning. So for the next week, I worried about her, trying to get her to take care of herself all while she is taking care of the family of her friend (they didnt know what she just went through). Ive worried non stop about her and just want her to mourn her loss.
As if that wasnt sad enough, but on Monday, while driving on an icy road, my cousin (24 years old) slid on the ice, hit a pole and rolled over...he was killed instantly. Its just so unfair. His mother, died not even a year ago. My poor cousins have been through so much and our family is so hurt right now. My cousin had a little girl who will never know what  kind of person her dad was. Its just so sad.

Now, to top it off, Im sick. I think my body is telling me to take it easy but obviously, I cant. I need to be strong...for best as I can be anyway.
So Im rambling...sorry...I best sign off now and go get some sleep or somthing


Jeni said...

Good grief, Darshan, that's so much heartbreak to be processing.

I'm so sorry.

Take care of yourself and get better.


paradykes said...

Oh Darshan I'm so sorry for everything that is going on in your life. Please keep you chin up and know that we are thinking of you and your family. Get some rest and try to heal yourself.

jword said...

I'm so sorry for you and your family. I hope that you get a break from the bad news and that you are able to take the time to process this. Hugs.


Doug and Bill said...

Oh I'm so terribly sorry. We had a spell like that over like a three year period and I was like,..."enough!" Hang in there, this is just too many bad things at once. So know it will get better. Hug.