Thursday, February 9, 2012

Pumping over and done...thank goodness!!!

Yep...thats right. I decided I am done with pumping. Well, I kind of decided lol. My body pretty much decided for me after a weekend away in Victoria with 19 Girl Guides....getting stuck in the ferry terminal for several hours after the ferrys were cancelled do to hurricane force winds. We ended up being stuck there over night and had to stay in a hotel. But just that weekend of reducing my sessions from every 3 hours to anywhere between 4 and 6 hours, and on the last day when were stuck, I didnt pump for 8 production went down and once my production goes down, its very hard for me to up it again. So...I went with it. Started weaning and now its been 3 days since Ive pumped. Did I mention that drying up SUCKS?! I hate it. But, Ill be glad that I wont have to haul around a pump or put my life on hold every 3 hours to hook up to a device that makes me look like a cow whilst violating my nipples. My boobs are so sore. But Im getting through it, takeing sage capsules to help dry up quicker and using cabbage leaves, hot showers and cold compresses. So far, its going pretty good...its just my left one giving me a problem (its the one that produces the most milk so Im not surprised.

Anyhow...enough about my boobs (Im pretty sure everyone in my life will be very happy when Im done pumping and we no longer have to talk about my tits lol). I return to work today after having several weeks off from having the baby. I have really enjoyed this time off and honestly, dont want to go back to work. But gotta pay the bills. This is part of the reason why its good I stopped pumping ( boobs come up...again). I went for lunch with a co-worker the other day (Thanks are a wonderful friend!) and it came up that some of my co-workers (her included) were quite emotional when I had Hazel. It surprised me! I guess I never really thought that others around me (other then my immediate family) would feel after her birth.  I certainly never thought they would be emotional about it. Just goes to show what an amazing bunch of ladies I work with. I will have to get A and D to come in with her so everyone can meet her :)

So a week ago, A, D and Hazel as well as Miles and myself, went out for dinner to the Afghan Horsemen. OMG...this place has amazing food. Seriously, delicious. A and D and I had gone there after our 3D ultrasound and decided that we should go again...for a celebratory dinner basically. I got a good 2 hours of cuddles with sweet Hazel. She slept the entire time lol. Shes not gained a lot but shes getting there. Definitely not suffering thats for sure lol. We had a great conversation about all sorts of things. At times it was emotional (of course) but all in all it was a wonderful evening. I got a couple pics with her..finally Miles gets in on one...but I didnt let him hold her (was that mean? lol I was enjoying my cuddles!!! lol)


Jeni said...

I love all of your booby honesty! :-)

Hazel is such a cutie! And no, it's now mean that you didn't share all of that cuteness with Miles...I mean, how could you possibly part with her, even for a moment? :-)

RebekahRose said...

Great update!! I hope the drying up is over soon and getting back to work is a good experience for you! I know having that time off afterwards to just "be" is wonderful. :)

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