Monday, January 30, 2012

A month already?! OMG!

Wow does time go fast!!! Little Hazel will be one month old tomorrow! Its hard to believe that she has already been on this earth for a month!!! She hasn't gained much weight and still looks like the day she was born! lol Shes keeping her parents on their toes for sure... apparently she likes to get upset in the evenings and not let them sleep much. But... that's the wonderful thing about being a surrogate...I don't have to worry bout that! LOL

I am still pumping and last week, took a big cooler FULL of milk to her. The milk filled the cooler to the top and there wasn't even room for ice packs or anything. It should last her quite a while, which is good because I'm likely to start weaning off. I went away to a Girl Guide camp last weekend, and I went from pumping every 3 hours to pumping when I had time (at times it was 5 and even 7 hours between pumping....8 hours on the last day when we got stuck in Victoria due to high winds and the ferry being cancelled!) So now, my supply has been going down. Part of me is ok with that, part of me is sad. I really HATE pumping. I despise it actually. It sucks. Ok...TMI nipples hurt like a mother f-er!!! Seriously...the pump is not kind to me (I am extremely sensitive). But, I love being able to provide her with so much milk. Dropping off that cooler full of milky goodness, made me so proud of myself. Not only is it good for her, but helps keep the cost of buying as much formula down. It would just be nice to not have to take my pump with me if I know I'm going to be longer then 3 hours...and it would be nice to not wake up with hard boobs...and it would be nice to not feel the tingles all the time. I go back to work on Feb 9th so we will see how much of a pain in the butt it is to pump there and if it is, then Ill start to wean off. is a picture of me and babe last time I saw her (a week ago) and Rebekah over at  did this questionnaire on her blog. I did one at the beginning of the journey but thought it would be fun to do it again!

Love her hair!

Name: Darshan Aileen Andrews
Birthday: May 14
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Where were you born: North Vancouver BC Canada
Where do you live now: Maple Ridge BC Canada
How many times have you moved: In my whole Ive lived in 7 homes in my entire life that I remember (since I was 4 basically)
Hair Color: Dirty blonde/brown.
Eye Color: Hazel basically...brown some days, green others.
Tattoos: I have 4 tattoos. My first is a celtic love knot to symbolize the love for my kids, second was a fairy on my leg, third is a piano and music on my back and fourth is the word "cara" on my foot...a matching tattoo with my best friend that means "friends" in Gaelic.
Piercings: Just one hole in each ear.

Color: Purple all the way
Food: Sushi is my fave. Never met a potato I didnt like.
Candy: Hmmm...this one is touch. Im not huge on candy necessarily  (I prefer chips) but I do like reeces peanut butter cups, and twizzlers.
Movie: Dirty Dancing would be my favorite...along with Ever After. I also love 50 First Dates, The Wedding Singer, 30 Year old Virgin and all the Harry Potter and Twilight Movies.
TV Show: I watch WAY too much TV lol. My current faves would be Greys, Private Practice, BONES,True Blood The Finder (awesome new show) Game of Thrones and Grimm
Actor: Dont have a favorite...
Actress: Ditto
Favorite Author: Hmmm....I really dont read a lot...but I do like John Grisham and have all his books. Also love the Twilight Books and House of Night books.
Band or Singer: Bands: Spirit of the West, Leahy,Great Big Sea, Three Doors Down. Singers: Keith Urban, Bob Seger, Natalie MacMaster (although shes not a singer). Im also loving Lady Antebellum right now...big time.
Song: I dont have A favorite song...I have many lol Currently loving Lady A's Owned the Night. 
Holiday: Halloween
Season: spring
Day of the week: Sunday...if I have to choose one lol...
Store: Superstore (sad eh? but only because I can buy everything I need there, not have to go anywhere else and its cheap lol)
Restaurant: Oh I dont know... any sushi place lol
Sport: to watch? Hockey I guess.
Animal: Birds I guess....mainly Eagles
Flower: Gerbera Daisy
*Have you ever*
Danced in the rain: not really
tripped and had an embarrassing fall: Um yah...lets not revisit that
smoked: Ive smoked cigarettes here and there...I dont mind PrimeTimes
got drunk: Hells yah...just on wednesday in fact! lol Ok...I wasnt drunk, but more tipsy..really tipsy lol
gone skinny dipping: No.
been in a car accident: Yes...under a semi truck...broke my hand. Ouch. That was 3 year ago.
been in love: Yep!
met the President: No.
met a celebrity: Not any big time celebs but a couple of not so big ones lol
cried over a movie: Yes
laughed so hard you cried: many many times
cried for no reason at all: I am a woman! lol

*the last*
thing you said: Thanks babe (when hubby threw some rolls of toilet paper down from the upstairs for the down stairs bathroom...he was going to bed so Ive been by myself with no one to talk to since then lol)
thing you ate: A handful of pecans
song you heard: Hahaha...Medium Pace by Adam Sandler....long story lol
movie you saw: In the theatre? Um...I dont remember lol been a while. At home, Im watching The Year Dolly Parton was my Mom on VOD right now 
cd you bought: a James Taylor Christmas album...who buys cds anymore? lol
book you read: currently reading Game of Thrones....just finished Ellen Degeneres Seriously...Im kidding was in my bathroom lol
phone call: Erin I think
im: Wasylyna (a fellow surro)
person you yelled at: probably one of my kids

*This or that*

pepsi or coke: Pepsi.
mcdonalds or burger king: McDonalds
chocolate or vanilla: Chocolate
tv or movies: TV
colored pencils or markers: Colored Pencils
sun or moon: Moon
day or night: night
pants or shorts: Pants
long sleeve or short sleeve: Short Sleeve
n'sync or backstreet boys: both suck equally
burgers or hot dogs: burger
rock or rap: rock fo sho
aim or phone: Phone
romantic comedy or thriller: romantic comedy
waffles or pancakes: Belgian Waffles
peanut butter or jelly: Peanut butter (natural)
do you believe in love at first sight: yes and no
have you ever wished upon a star: no...well maybe when I was a kid
what other language (s) do you speak: none
if you dyed your hair what color would you dye it: Red
if you could change your name what would you change it to: I like my name...I wouldnt change it.
what's the weather like right now: Rainy as shit
what instruments do you play: Piano...I also played the drums a lot, but never took official lessons.
do you talk to yourself a lot: Yep
best place you have visited: Um...Vegas? lol Ive never really gone anywhere.
best day of your life: Hard to choose since all three of my childrens births were the best days...and my surro babes birth as well.
worst day of your life: the day I was in my car accident probably. Ive been fortunate not to have really bad days
pet peeves: people who walk slow or dont walk single file on a busy sidewalk
what are you most proud of: Being married for almost 10 years and having 3 beautiful kids. Being a surrogate.
what is your goal for this year: Help my middle daughter to learn to behave and get all of us on board with helping her to figure out her place in the family (shes struggling with figuring that out and when she does, hopefully her beahviour will change)


Jeff and Kevin said...

Hazel is a cutie :)
I can only imagine what a pain pumping must be. Reason #837 why you are awesome!

Doug and Bill said...

LOL love Kevin's comment. Our surro just agreed to provide mild for the 1 or 2 weeks while we will be on the east coast before we come home. Very cool. And HEY!...we were checking out the Uppababy Vista and we are seriously considering it. Thanks for the tip. Oh, and we love the slings, too...I think we will most likely use both. Thanks again...

braejuma said...

Thanks guys!!! Yes pumping is a pain in the, bust lol Im so glad to hear your surro is planning on providing milk while you are there!!!

The Deputy said...

Hi! I'm a first time surrogate, and this is also my first pregnancy. The baby will be nearby for the first three weeks after it's born, so I'm considering pumping for it, but I've been warned that producing milk keeps all your motherly hormones up and makes 'moving on' more challenging. Do you have any advice?