Sunday, January 1, 2012

Well...its been three days (hard to believe actually!) And I basically spent today laying in bed doing absolutely NOTHING! It was great!!!! My husband is seriously the best husband on the planet. He went through this whole journey without so much as a complaint. He helped me when I needed help, he supported me with whatever I needed and was there for the amazing birth, holding my hand, and just as emotional as the rest of us. He truly is a gem. Today while I did nothing, he kept the kids in order, brought me my breakfast, lunch and dinner in bed, and did whatever else I needed. I just needed a day to lay down and let my body heal...the more relaxing I do, the less bleeding I had and the quicker things heal up so I decided that today was that day that I would just do nothing, and my amazing husband allowed that to happen for me!!! I love you really are the most amazing man and husband anyone could ask for.

While I was doing nothing, I put together a little video of the journey...I hope you all enjoy!!!


Jeni said...

Great video, Darshan!

And yes...she IS lovely!


Anonymous said...

You such an amazing person Darshan. Thank you for sharing your journey.

jword said...

That brought tears to my eyes. What a wonderful experience. I can't wait for that moment when my IP's hold their son for the first time. Congrats and you are amazing.


Doug and Bill said...

Wow thanks for the wonderful video and sharing it with everyone. You are an amazing woman! Happy New Year!

braejuma said...

Wow...thanks everyone. Its been and amazing journey....I am beyond happy right now!!!

lisalu said...

You are an amazing lady!! Thankyou for sharing your journey with us!!
just lovely.... best wishes to you and your family for 2012.