Thursday, April 19, 2012

A year already?!?!

Thats right! 1 year ago, I had a perfect little embryo placed into me. 10 days later, we got a positive beta. Crazy. Shes now 3 months old!!! Never in a million years did I think 2 years ago, that I would actually get to fulfill my dream of being a surrogate! Then came the amazing day I was asked by A and D to be their surrogate.
Heres where Hazel started....crazy.
Perfect little blast!

 My life has changed because of our journey. I would like to take a moment (again) ask you to check out this great blog. Jeni's recent post talks about having pride in our surrogacy journeys. She talks about sharing her knowledge and story. Im really glad she wrote about how much she shares with people because I too, like to share my story. I like to share my story with ANYONE who will listen. Sometimes I think, gosh, I talk about it too much. Then I think, nah...everyone likes to hear about such an amazing thing. So I talk about it some more. At this point, I almost dont mind if people think I talk to much about it lol. I love to talk about it anyway. Ive had some people say "I hope you dont mind I told so and so that you were a surrogate". I totally dont mind! I want people to know! And I wasnt a surrogate...I AM a surrogate. And a damn proud one. And Jeni...thanks for yet again, an amazing post. You continue to wow me! I truly am in awe! the girls are on break and we went to the aquarium last week. Heres some pics. Youll have to read till the bottom to see a new pic of Hazel! :)

Easter morning

Jelly fish are super cool





How cute is she!

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The Deputy said...

I think openness, even sometimes to an extreme, is a very powerful thing. This community of bloggers laying out their surrogacy stories is doing really important work, but there's nothing like in-person story telling. Way to go :)