Monday, May 14, 2012

Happy Mothers day!!!!

So today was a lovely Mothers Day. Let me back up a bit. I had a pretty decent week for the most part. First off, I started the week by going for lunch with my dear friend Amy, with whom I used to work with at the baby store. Amy is an amazing amazing card maker. Seriously...she has mad skills when it comes to paper, clue, glitter, stamps and her Big Shot. Im in awe at this womans talent....I really really am! Check out her Stampin' Up Blog here Anyhow. We went for lunch and enjoyed some pretty good East Indian food. The restaurant was a little weird though. At least we know it was authentic...the people (husband and wife) didnt understand a word we said, I swear. Oh was good! I had Amy make one of her creations to send to A for Mothers Day, which I did. She emailed me when she got it and it looks like we are going to try and get together soon!!!

This morning, I woke up to breakfast in bed, made by Maddie. Im such a lucky mom. Really. I knew she was making it, because I told her the rules about it. I really credit Girl Guides for helping to teach her how to cook on camp stoves. She made a great breakfast (got a little cold...I think waiting for the toast which was a little done lol. It was a great breakfast though and even better, I didnt have to make it!!

Today, the girls and I went up to the local camp grounds, along with my Co-Commissioner Mel and her son. We tried to sell cookies, but this year, sales have kind of sucked to  be honest.. Oh well...we will try again!
We then went to my moms, the kids and Miles (who met us there after work) visited with mom and then they all left and mom and I went to a great pub and brew house. We enjoyed a really nice dinner together. The food was great and the atmosphere was nice.

I woke up this morning with a great sense of pride. Pride in myself, and in all the other surrogates out there who helped other women become moms. I know, that this morning, there was another mother, celebrating her first mother days, because of this awesome thing called surrogacy.

Heres a recent pic of our doggy brighten then day!

She always takes the kids stuffies, and our socks, when we are out.
I noticed her laying like this, napping away. So cute.


Jeni said...

Happy Mother's Day to you, Darshan! You should feel extremely proud!


Carla said...

Happy Mother's Day!

Doug and Bill said...

Happy Mother's Day, Darshan! Loved the cards by your friend...mad skills is RIGHT! And who wouldn't love breakfast in bed...a little cold or not! What you and surrogates (including ours) have done is amazing. I seriously feel like I've found a good friend in our awesome "M"...she rocks! As you all do...