Thursday, May 24, 2012

Happy Birthday Juli!!!

My youngest girl, Juli, turned 4 today. I still remember the day she was born. I remember how the afternoon before, I had gone for a walk along the dykes by the airport, and then stopped in at 7/11 for a slurpee. While standing in the parking lot, talking to a buddy that worked there, I felt the pop and a slight gush. My water broke. Right there in the parking lot of 7/11. I played it cool and got in my van and drove home a few blocks away and as I get into the bathroom, the rest gushes out of me. This is is....I was going into labor.
Pains didnt start for a while after. I had called the midwife to tell her my water broke, and told her I would call back when things started to pick up. She finally called me hours later, to see what was up since she hadn't heard from me, but things were going pretty slow.

I went along for the evening, the midwife came, mom and my best friend Erin were here. After several hours of laboring at home, all prepared for a home birth, Julis heart rate started to tachycardia and wouldnt come back down. So... unfortunately, my plans of a home birth, were thrown out the window, and I rushed to the hospital. After about 20 min, I was ready to push and after about another 20 minutes, my beautiful baby girl made her entrance into the world, surrounded by mom, Erin, Miles and my awesome midwife, Sylvia (who then delivered  Hazel). We went home just 4 hours later, after making sure that her raised heart rate, wasnt anything more to be concerned about.

Although, my home birth didnt go as planned, it was a great birth over all and she is still the unpredictable little girl. Juli is funny and cute and loveable, and I couldnt imagine having her in our lives. Every day, she amazes me with her smarts and she keeps me and everyone else around her, constantly entertained. I love how she likes to sing and tell stories and how her favorite song is "Leave the kids alone" (aka Pink Floyds The Wall). She is a bright light in our lives and I just love her to pieces.

I love you my baby Juli!!! You are an amazing kid and I feel blessed that you chose me to be your mom in this life. bombard you with photos....I just have to show off my cute kid!!!

Just moments old
Getting the check over

Our little family
Sleeping angel
Look at those chubby legs!!!
I loved this beautiful little dress
Love me some baby wearing!!!

Baby mum mum and big smiles!!
Who me?
Mothers day swinging!

Jedi in Training

Another cute dress

Cold night at the Burnaby Village Museum

Bath time! We bathed her there in the sink till about 3
I didnt do it!

In a Snow White dress that was mine as a girl
Cuddles with Benny...Grandma Darlenes pup

More baby wearing
Watching intently the badminton game
Going for a ride on Penny


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Aww, Happy Birthday!! Such a little cutie!