Sunday, June 3, 2012

Relay for Life 2012

So yesterday, was the 21st Coquitlam Relay for Life. This was my 6th year involved. When my friend Juli was losing her battle with cancer, I decided to form a team. After 3 years of running a team, I did one more year as a team, but also event photographer...I had the best time doing it too. Last year, my friend got married so I arranged the photography but couldnt be there for the event. I did show up for the silent lap my bridesmaid gown lol. So this year, my sole responsibility was day of photography and boy did I have a great year this year!!

I cant believe how many new people I met. I feel really blessed to know this great group of people who have donated so much of their time and energy to this great cause.  Shout out to all the Relay peeps!
This year, Madison made me proud once again, and donated her hair. This is the second time shes done it, and she wants to do it every 2 years. She amazes me...she really does.

Here are some pictures from the day! I hope you enjoy....there are a lot lol

Tanning is out!!! Always protect yourself!!

This is what this started off looking like...

A visit from Star Wars!

My amazing Maddie ready to cut her hair!

And this is what it looked like when it was done

White for Participants, Blue for Volunteers, Yellow for Survivors

Our luminaries for Juli. A little lame this year, but we did some

"Splatting" cancer....

I did one for Hazels mom...sent her a pic of it and made her cry lol

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Very cool. Thanks for sharing!