Saturday, January 18, 2014

Transfer date set!!!

Yep! I had my lining check on Thursday and everything was great....lining was at a nice 11.5mm with a triple stripe. Dr said it looked "text book". They sent off the report to the transferring clinic in Seattle and my nurse there emailed A and I and let us know that we are booked in for our transfer on Friday January 24th!!!! How exciting!!!! I am super stoked. Hazel will be coming with us to Seattle and will be there for the transfer, since neither A or D want to miss the Hazel is subjected to it as well lol

Tomorrow I start PIO which I am not looking forward to. Those needles are freakin HUGE. the same time its exciting because it means we are there!
Anyhoo, not much more to share for now! Just wanted to update! Ill be sure to update after the transfer...if not before then with some choice words about my first PIO injections of this cycle lol

Oh...and here is a cute photo of the Hiz and I 2 weeks ago at my suppression check! How frickin cute is she!!!

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Carla said...

wonderful news! Have fun with those big ass shots! ;)