Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Discouraging appointment today

We had our 37 weeks midwife appointment today (we are at weekly visits now) and so I am considered full term, which is great. However, if you followed me through Hazels journey, you will remember that I spiked in blood pressure near the end. For the past weeks of her pregnancy, I managed to stay just under the threshold until 4 days before she was due (I had been sitting around  150/80 for a few weeks). When I had two back to back high readings (one at the midwife appointment and then the next day at a re check) I went to have an NST and an OB consult who said lets induce tomorrow. I went into labour that night. But...I was only 4 days before my due date.

Well....Im 37 weeks and today, my BP was 150/90 which is where they start getting proactive. I go back tomorrow to the midwife for another BP check. If its still high, then I will go have bloodwork to see how my liver is doing and then possible an NST depending on what the midwife thinks. Then, we go from there. Im really hoping, that the days events just led me to have a higher BP and that tomorrow morning it will be fine...but Im worried. Last time I was so close to my due date....the threat of induction and the membrane sweep, seemed to work well cause I went into labour that night. I worry that its too soon for that threat to work and Ill have to be induced. I HATE intervention. Thats why I go to a midwife after all...to avoid it if I can. So...thats where were at. A D and Hazel came for dinner tonight and as they were leaving we were all saying we dont want to see each other for another week lol Hazel was so cute. She would point at my belly and say "My baby sister in there" and loved to touch my belly. She got to hear the heartbeat and even feel her move. So other than the BP thing....it was a great appointment (GBS swab came back negative as well...yay!)
Anyhow...heres a couple pics!

35 weeks

36 weeks

37 weeks

Their pea My pod

Hazel Grace!

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