Thursday, December 2, 2010

So A and D had a meeting with the fertility clinic a few days ago and I got an email from A about how it went and needless to say, this is actually looking like a possibility!! The found out lots of info on the clinics in Seattle where the eggs come from, about the physiological testing for her and I and all the other info they needed. So now comes the next step....meeting each other.

 I wont lie, Im scared shitless! lol I worry that we wont click, I worry that we are both setting our selves up, I worry most of all for them, that they will have another heart break. My ultimate hope is that we click, want the same experience and that we can start the process soon so they can have their baby...the baby that they deserve.

Monday (3 days away) we will be meeting each other....if all goes well, we will be on our way! So I need to renew my passport lol so I can be ready to go to seattle if need be!

Ill be posting once we meet...until then.....

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