Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Our journey is really starting to hit! We met with A and D last night and needless to say, it was an awesome evening!!

We met at a local restaurant and they were waiting for us when we walked in the door....we greeted each other and were shown to our table (somewhere quiet near the back!) It didn't even start off all that awkward....I thought it might be, but it totally wasn't!!!

We talked quite a bit about their journey....how she had cancer twice, had a bone marrow transplant and is now about 6 years cancer free YAY! I asked them the question "What is your perfect surrogate situation?" and I told them mine....that I would love to have them a part of everything....from drs appointments, to ultrasounds, the birth, and to continue a relationship afterwards. I teared up as I told her that when the baby comes out, I dont want the baby placed on my chest, but rather, placed in her arms....as the mother is the first person who should hold their baby....and she is the mother, not me.

We totally seemed to click. Their ideas were on the same page as mine. Her eyes lit up when I said I would want them there for the birth! Miles and D talked about hockey, while A and I talked about more surrogacy stuff, why she didn't have embryos frozen before treatment, and I answered any questions she had for me. Turns out the fertility clinic pretty much takes care of everything, apart from the lawyers. All they have to do is call up the fertility clinics in Seattle to arrange for the egg donor...an ordeal that could take a few months. On the plus side, the clinic here used hormones in the forms of pills, so unless the clinic in Seattle is adamant about "prepping" me, then I shouldn't need to take shots YAY!!! (Although, I am prepared to if need be).

I feel real good about things. Something in me says that in a few months time, I will be spread eagle in a chair at the fertility clinic, having embryos placed inside me fertilized by D's sperm and a donor egg! Oh and by the sounds of things, using a fresh embryo yields a really excellent chance of pregnancy so we might just have to do one embryo, (although Im fine with two if thats what they want).so I think the chances of me getting pregnant are really good. I definetly have a really good feeling about how this is going to go.

I can't wait to get the show on the road! She will be calling me tomorrow!!! YIKES!!!

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